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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Harry Wasson who was born in Cambridge, Ohio on October 14, 1949 and passed away on September 03, 2005 at the age of 55. We will remember him forever. 

Harry was a very outgoing soul.  He never met a stranger and always had a corny joke to tell.  He worked at the same company for 36 years after a pause for a stint in the Army from 1969-1970.  Harry's time in the service brought him much emotional pain and guilt that he never could seem to get over.

He carried this pain for all the years I knew him and it saddened me that he could not reach out and grab the help he needed.

He was my "Daddy" and I was "the Mommy" - even tho we had no children together.  He left behind a wife, daughter, family and countless friends and acquaintences that will always remember him as the guy who would give you the shirt off his back.

I had 14 years with him and I love and miss his quirky smile and lovely voice singing to me.

I miss you my "little soldier" hope you know wherever you reside now that I loved you and love you still.  I pray you know how proud I was of your service to our country - even tho you felt ashamed for what you had to do in the line of duty.  I can't even imagine the pain you felt.

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A Prayer for You on Veteran's Day   / Christie (Wife)
A prayer for you Daddy on Veteran's Day!!!Dear God - I pray today for all those who have fought for our country and felt the pain and especially for my husband. He felt unworthy of Your love. Please let him know he was loved by You. Please forgive me...  Continue >>
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